About Me

I have always found myself to be a naturally creative person with my favourite subjects throughout my schooling being Art and Design based. It was during my time at Clitheroe Royal Grammar school that I noticed my main influences in my design work were from the crossover practice between interior design and architecture. On a visit to Manchester City football stadium, where I discovered Thomas Heatherwicks “B of the Bang”, I became fascinated by how the design process can develop from a quote to something so innovative and domineering in its setting.

After my A-levels I progressed on to do a BTEC in Foundation Art and Design, a year which I have found invaluable in becoming the designer I am today. The course allowed me to look at the design process from a broader perspective and develop my skills in 3D model work, an area of my work I take great pride in.

I find my design style is largely influenced by Deconstuctive style architecture and have great appreciation for projects by Daniel Libeskind and Frank Gehry, however I do also take inspiration from more organic forms and strive to have originality in my work.

Working as part of a team was a prominent part of my degree and working environment. During group projects at UCLAN I have always been an integral part of the team, helping to ensure fair delegation and encouraging those struggling. In my second year at university I participated in a group project with students from a partnership school in Greece, which created some language boundaries. I managed to overcome this by helping to ensure there was more emphasis put on effective communication throughout the project, something which I believe is essential to efficient teamwork.

In my second year at university the class was set a project by the universities language school to redesign areas of their building. Some designs were chosen and those students, including myself, were given the task of collaborating to create an overall scheme with set areas for each student to concentrate on. I was given the entrance way, which has now been built. From this I established a great feeling of pride as it is the first piece of my design work to be put in to fruition and believe the end result of any future project has and will continue to give me the same buzz throughout my career.


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