Know your colours!

Since finishing semester 2 of my MA course, I have been non-stop with work, which is why I havent posted in a while.  Today I thought I’d combine admiring an inspirational new way of shop display (something which I have been looking a lot at recently) with a lesson my mum has always thought crucial.  Knowing your colours!

This design of a clothing retail space in Sydney called Streetology, designed by Facet Studios, demonstrates an innovative quirky way of displaying clothes in a retail outlet.  Suspended vending machines dispense plastic tubes containing coloured T-shirts arranged in rainbow order.  Once someone chooses a t-shirt in “their colour” they simply pull the tube out of the dispenser.  This system allows the shop to have 2,550 t-shirts on display at any one time.  But I find that having the dispensers filled or emptied (never one to disclose whether I was an optimist or a pessimist) to different levels creates an interesting level to the display.

So whether you have red tones in your complexion and are looking for a blue/green colour, or a blonde avoiding yellow, this display technique will make it much easier for you to find your colours!




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