The Library With No Books


I find this design for a library really inspirational.  My project is developing in to a design library and the idea of creating spaces without books, but which are areas to experiment with design techniques.

The university library of the University of Amsterdam has been designed by Roelof Mulder and Bureau Ira Koers.  The bright open spaces have been designed to encourage students to spend more time in there studying. Within the building is a room called ‘The Red Room’, which contains 1105 red crates in cases surrounding the exterior of the room.  Students can pre-order books online and they are then collected from the numbered crates in this room later, which is a great way for creating a clutter free library.

Another aspect which the designers wished to portray in the space was that of a homely feel, an additional way to encourage students to feel more comfortable there and in turn spend more time there studying.  In order to create this domestic atmosphere certain areas contain ‘homely’ ideals, such as kitchen worktops where students can carry out group work and an area of chesterfield sofa’s for relaxing with a newspaper.


If you want to see more, check out this article @Archdaily


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