Controlling Designer?

During a tutorial session earlier this week I decided to establish whether I have common threads of thought across a range of my previous projects in order to identify if I have a design philosophy.  The outcome was quite interesting because it enabled me to see things in my work that I had never noticed before.

In order to do this I pinned up images of my work from previous projects, going back to year 2 at university and used key words to link projects together.  We quickly established some main themes- SENSATIONS, ENCLOSURE, COMMUNITY, TIME, BOUNDARIES & MOTIVATION.

It may be easier to understand if I show some of the work.

CLAUSTROPHOBIA:  An exhibition project demonstrating the feelings I had during a walk in Preston. 

URBAN GARDENER:   A development of modular allotment plots which attach to the side of apartment buildings.  One of the key aspects of this design was the idea of creating community aspect between the plots as this was a crucial factor discovered during the research process.

THE EXCHANGE:  A casino building designed to create a timeless space.  This was a play on a common casino theme of there being no clocks or members of staff wearing watches in order to deceive the customer of the time to cause them to carry on gambling.  By using no parallel walls and lighting techniques, the illusion of the space was warped to add to the endless feel.

DOODLE TRAIN:   I’ve previously blogged about this project, but in simple terms the idea behind it was to encourage people to use the time spent on the commute more efficiently, whether it be merely for social interaction or as a time to use others in the carriage as tools to increase motivation by gaining advice or sharing knowledge.

At the end of the discussion we established that I always appear to force people to share the same experience and therefore create the same emotional response, making psychology a key factor to all my work.  It seems I have a tendency to want to CONTROL the viewer/user (which makes sense 🙂 ).


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