Sherpontwerp Graphic Design Office

This Cardboard office for Sherpontwerp Graphic designers is a durable, semi permanent space whose framework is held together with glue only.

Because of the corrugation of the cardboard it makes strong surfaces for both shelving units and desktops, and creates excellent insulation through its wall structure.  The design idea behind the construction was down to trends in contemporary office design changing rapidly, therefore the inexpensive and disposable nature of cardboard proved to be the perfect structural material for this project.  Also the company’s lease on the office space was due to be up on 5 years, which made the relatively limited durability of cardboard one of its good traits.

I really like the idea of designing something which merely lasts its required lifetime and subsequently dies with that stage of a company or individuals career.  What I also like about this project is that it is a self supporting structure, simply placed inside the leased space so as not to affect the existing boundary walls, also allowing for easy removal when it is no longer required.
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